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Formed in mid 2005 during the first few months of the online roleplaying game Guild Wars. Our roster is comprised mainly of English players with a smattering of Danes and Dutch as well as some Duckbergians. Some of the core members are from the very first days of the guild and we enjoy a long running association of chaos and seriousness.

KSL tends to focus on fun and frolics. We have always prided ourselves on a never say die attitude when it comes to seemingly hopeless in game situations. Deriving almost as much enjoyment from our epic failures as we have from our successes.

The current goal of KSL is to climb to the top, as the motto says: "Not High Enough!".

In closing, KSL or as its sometimes known "Knights of the Sacred Light" (not to be confused with actual role players unless you are fucking stupid) are well known for their roster of obnoxious/bad/insert13yearoldsfavourteinternetphraseshere players in team PvP that only beats certain teams about 90% of the time. But its all good and more importantly its all for the community.

We are a "serious" guild I think.

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The KSL Timeline

A History of Nonsense - The KSL Compendium

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Absolute LedgesEdit

Mowen - Best leader EU, Activated your trap card

Avark - Vanquished worlds, now vanquishes foolishness

Ross - The one that was promised, the diamond in the rough

Slab Angrybeef - Leader of KSL, Leader of beef

Daeraxa - Master of trolling, Mesmer of anguish

Tipsy - Queen of shinies, Six times a Jungle Deer

Wolfswift - Guardian of Duckberg, Enthusiast of Daggers

Dan - All is vain

Raven - The Bunny Queen, Glamdrings last hope

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